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Financial Aid
Concession in fee:

1   The Dean of the School, on the recommendations of a Committee consisting of the following, shall grant free-ships up to the percentage which may be prescribed by the University Grants Commission.

                                             i.            Dean – Chairman

                                           ii.            Three Heads of Department/Centres nominated by the Vice Chancellor.

                                          iii.            Three students of the Department/Centre concerned nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.


2   If the number of applicants for free-ships is more than the number of free- ships available, the committee referred to in sub-clause (1) may recommend half free-ships to some of the applicants so that the total of free-ships does not exceed the prescribed percentage.

3   Applications for concession in fees shall be submitted on the prescribed form to the Dean of the School concerned through the Head of the Department/Centre by such dates as may be specified by the Dean. Applications received after that date shall not ordinarily be entertained.

4   The following factors shall be taken into account while making recommendations on the applications of students for grant of free-ships:

                                i.       Academic record of the student;

                                ii       His/her progress in studies in the case of renewal of free-ships;

iii.      His/her financial position; and


iv.      Any other factor, which shall also be recorded.

5   Free-ships granted during the academic year/semester shall not be renewed automatically in the following year/semester. The Students in need of such concession shall submit fresh applications every year/semester, which shall be considered along with new applications received.

6       A free ship granted to a student may be cancelled if his/her conduct or progress in studies is found to be unsatisfactory or if his/her financial condition improves and no longer justifies such concession.


7        Fees concession for SC/ST and any other category of students shall be applicable as per Govt. of India directives.  



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