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» How To Choose Programme

          Help For Choosing the Combination of Qualifying Exam for Applying to any Programme 

Candidate needs to choose the exam, stream and subject as per this matrix for applying to any program
Program Applying For Qualifying Exam Name Select Stream Select Subject as Given against Each Row
Phd Tourism Masters In Tourism Studies nil English, Others
Phd Physics Masters in Physics Physics nil
Phd Zoology Masters in Zoology zoology nil
Phd Economics Masters Masters in Economics Economics  nil
Phd Mathematics Masters In Mathematics Mathematics or Applied Mathematics nil
Phd BioTechnology Masters in any branch Biological… nil english
M.A. Economics BBA/BscAgri/Bcom and Grad. with Economics nill others
M.A Pol Sc Graduation Humanities Pol Science
LLM LLB/BA LLB nil others
M.A Education Graduation with Education as one nil english
M.P.Ed BPedBscHPBPe nil english Botany Graduation  Science Others Chemistry Graduation Science Chemistry
M.A Kashmiri Graduation Humanities Kashmiri
M.Ed BABedBsced nil nil
M.Com Bachelor in Commerce/BBA NIL OTHERS
M.A Islamic Studies Graduation nil nil
M.A Covergent Journalism Graduation others others
M.Tech CSE B.E/B.Tech in cse/it computer science Computer science/IT/Others
B.Sc/M.Sc Mathematics Graduation Science Mathematics or Applied Maths
Integrated BA LLB 12Th others others
B.Voc Tourism 12The others others
B.Voc Retail 12Th others others
Integrated Bsc-Msc Physics 12Th science Physics, Mathematics
Integrated Bsc-Msc Mathematics 12Th Science Physics, Mathematics
Integrated Bsc-Msc Biotechnology 12Th Science Biology
Integrated Bsc-Msc Zoology 12Th Science Biology
Integrated B.Ed-M.Ed Post Graduate Science/S.Sc/Humanities nil others
PG Diploma in Conflict Studies Graduation Humanities others
PG Diploma in Urdu Journalism Graduation Humanities others
PG Diploma in Guidance & Counselling   Graduation Humanities others
PG Diploma in Alternate Banking Bachelor of Arts  Humanities others