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Exchange of knowledge is imperative both for the teacher and learner that upholds lifelong learning to provide the students vast opportunities to enhance their versa of expertise and interact with leading intellectuals of Kashmiri language and Literature. Department of Kashmiri, Central University of Kashmir, Ganderbal made a maiden attempt to bring in prominent figures who can inspire students at large. Thus, the ever first “Habba Khatoon Online Extension Lecture Series” was organized. The idea was to bring in highly accomplished and eminent speakers. The Lecture series was kept open for teachers, scholars, students from various quarters to take optimal benefits. However, a sizeable segment of teachers, Researchers, Scholars participated in the lecture series and benefited from the online Lecture Series, which starts from 23rd June 2021 and concludes on 9th July 2021, was to create an appropriate platform for the students to update their knowledge. The lectures were delivered by accomplished experts and academicians; who have achieved pre-eminence in Kashmiri language and Literature. The Lecture Series was an attempt to orient the students to gain new insights from prolific experts.

The lecture series was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Central University of Kashmir Prof.Mehraj ud Din Mir Sahib and Registrar Central University of Kashmir Ganderbal Prof. Mohd Afzal Zargar Sahib on 23rd June 2021 through online mode. During the Inaugural session, The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor CUK reiterated that the lecture series was a rare opportunity for the participating students to get academic exposure from highly accomplished experts. Therefore, he urged the participants to take more benefits from the lecture series and interact closely with experts. Registrar, Central University of Kashmir, Prof. Mohd Afzal Zargar Sahib, offered full support to the department and articulated that the Kashmiri language is rich enough and has deep roots in our cultural ethos. He further told participants to be benefited from this lecture series.

Prolific writer, Prof Shafi Shauq, Former Head Department of the Kashmiri University of Kashmir, Delivered the first lecture in the series, which was of paramount significance to the participants and spoke on the topic “Kashmiri Language And Its Origin”. During his speech, he delved deep into the subject and discussed the origin of the Kashmiri language and the influence of other languages on it.

Prof Majrooh Rashid delivered the second lecture, Former Head Department of Kashmiri University of Kashmir, on “14th And 15th-century poetry artefacts” on 25th June 2021. He gave an insightful talk on different perspectives and aspects of Kashmiri poetry with particular reference to Lal Ded and Sheikh Ul Alam.

The third lecture was delivered on 28th June 2021 by prominent writer, Poet and Academician, Prof. Muhammad Zaman Azurdah Sahib on “Essay-As A Genre”. In his thought-provoking address, he explained the historical and cultural perspective of the Essay writings.

Prof. Mahfooza Jan, Head Department of the Kashmiri University of Kashmir, delivered the fourth lecture titled “Yousuf Zulaikha-a Canon in Kashmiri Literature.” on 30th June 2021. Detailing About the topic, she delved at length on the Yousuf Zulaikha Mathnavi As A Canon.

Prof.Gulshan Majeed, former Director of the Kashmir Studies University of Kashmir, delivered the fifth lecture in the series who spoke on the “Tasawuff and Its Theatrical background” On 2nd July 2021. During his address, he enlightened various aspects of Tasawuff. Moreover, he delved deep into the different elements of the Sufi cult and its school of Thought.

Prof. Rajnath Bath facilitated the sixth lecture in the series on 5th July 2021. He is presently Head of the department, linguistics at Banaras Hindu University. During this session, a general overview of “Sound System in the Kashmiri Language” was presented. Specific details of the same topic were dealt with at length.

Professor Rattan Lal Takashi, former Professor Deptt. of the Kashmiri University of Kashmir, delivered the Seventh lecture in the series on” Short story and Kashmiri Short stories”. On 7th July 2021. He Presented his topic in a very thought-provoking way and elaborated technicalities and fundamentals of the Short story.

The eighth and final lecture was presented by Prof.Shad Ramzan, Former Head Department of the Kashmiri University of Kashmir, in a very insightful way on “Kashmiri Gazal and its different stages”. During This session, a holistic overview of Gazal was presented. His lecture was stimulating as he provided a basic understanding of Kashmiri Gazal.

The lecture series was very exclusive. Experts from various quarters interacted with students. It was a rare opportunity for all the students to benefit from the same and closely interact with the experts to seek guidance more knowledgeably. As part of the evaluation, the students provided feedback on different dimensions of the lecture series on the official WhatsApp group. As part of the feedback, the students revealed that they attended such stimulating and enriching lectures to gain knowledge, clarify their queries, and claim that the lecture series was practical. The Responses cumulatively portray that 100% of the respondents felt that the lecture series was highly beneficial, the sign of enormous success.