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» Outcomes (Syllabus Overview)

PG Kashmiri Syllabus Overview.

Semester 1

Kashmiri Language Origin & Influences:

Language is an indispensable component of culture of nation or people. Kashmiri is a language blossomed with one of the reaches literatures in India this core been thought to develop and interest in the Kashmiri language. One is tempted to dollop deep in to history in order to get to know the organ of this accent language.

14th & 15th Century Kashmiri Poetry:

The Spiritual Poetry of “Nund Reshi” and “Lal Ded” is brimmed with mysticism in effect and an all irrespective of region or religion. This Core will be taught so that students would came to know how these two pioneers paved that way for Kashmiri Language to become rich in literary heritage.


The Ghazal is oriental poetry, mark of identification, the most prominent caption that announces it to the world of letters. Ghazal represent a queer combination of the elements of subjectivity and objectivity this core will be taught to students to create new tools of communication new perception, new metaphor and esthetics of the Kashmiri Ghazal.


Mathnavi is long narrative poem and due to wide influence of Persian language a new poetic form viz Mathnavi came into being. Mathnavi will be taught so that students would come to know about linguistic smoothness and beautiful meter changes of the same genre.

Structuralism of Kashmiri language:

Structuralism, in a broader sense is a way of perceiving the world in term of structures. Structuralism believes that all human activity and its products are constructed and not natural. This subject would be taught to develop a critical understanding of the concept of the structuralism.


Functional Kashmiri:

Kashmiri uses its own writing system. The main writing system of Kashmiri today is modified Persio Arabic alphabet which is widely used for official and mass communication purposes. Learning outcome of this Skill Enhancement programme is to make students learn script for writing Kashmiri.

Semester 2

Literary Criticism:

Literary Criticism is the study, evaluation and interpretation of literature. By reading and critically analyzing literary works, we expand our imagination, our sense of what is possible and our ability to emphasize with others. This paper has been included to improve ability among students to read critically and interpret texts while gaining appreciation for different literary genres and theory of interpretation.

Sufi Poetry:

Sufi Poetry has played very important role in reflecting the pain and suffering of people in Kashmir for a long time and distinct way of communicating the way of expression has no parallel. Indeed, Sufi Poetry is responsible for keeping the Kashmiri Language and Literature a live. Learning outcome of this paper would be critical understanding of Kashmiri Sufism and Sufi Poetry as a tool and medium between people and their language and culture.

Kashmiri Short Story:

The Short Story emerged in the Kashmiri Language in 1950. Kashmiri Short Story faithfully reflect the changing life pattern of the Kashmiris and the related cultural frame work. This subject would make students understand the subjective reality of individual as well as social ambience through a spectrum of characters and events in various short stories.

Non-Fictional Prose:

Non-fictional literature refers to functional and outlook segments, like Travelogue “Tour and travel”, essays on art or literature, biographies, memoirs, journalism, and historical, scientific, technical, or other writings. 

Note:- Cultural & field tours help students understand the importance of chromatic literacy and incorporate learning experiences with their curriculum. Although the syllabus ensures that students have a good time on the trip, there’s a lot you can do. An interactive cultural and educational journey shows coming out from the classroom, seeing the cultures, and looking at the world around.

Cultural History of Kashmir:

The Culture of Kashmir blend of multiple customs and traditions. Kashmir has the distinction of having multifaceted and unique cultural blend. The culture of Kashmiris is quite varied and rich. This subject would encompass multifaceted, multi religious and multi ethnic culture that predominantly influences the life style of the people.

Eastern Poetry:

There has always has been a strong tradition of Eastern Poetry. The richness of Eastern Poetry of strength of its tradition can be seen across the history. This subject is to develop understanding of Eastern Poetry and its influences on Kashmiri Poetics.

Professional Kashmiri:

In order to help students to have clear vision of the Kashmiri through a professional spectrum this subject has been introduced so that students would understand Kashmiri Language academically and professionally.

Semester 3


Linguistics is the scientific study of language. It encompasses the analysis of every aspect of language as well as the methods for studying and modelling them. The learning outcome is to develop interest in the study of various linguistic and socio linguistic aspects of Kashmiri.

Folk Lore of Kashmir:

The Folk Lore of Kashmir has an important place in the literature of the people which has expressed and mirrored the collective urges and experience of the folk from the time immemorial. This core has been to develop deep understanding of Folk Lore of Kashmir which is very enchanting and interesting and has rich historical significance.


Kashmir has a rich tradition of drama which is entertaining the people over centuries. This core is to make students delve deep in to the rich traditions of Drama and its elements.

Devotional Poetry

The Devotional Poetry of Kashmir was originated with the spread of Islam in Kashmir. Devotion is not itself prayer or worship, but it is the invigorative quality of devotion that makes religious pursuits meaning full. This will make students delve deep to understand role of Devotional Poetry and its influence in the life of Kashmiris and to describe devotion throw in expressions relating to emotionality, spirituality and religiousness.

Progressive Movement and Kashmiri Literature:

Progressive Movement developed as a significant movement from the time of Kashmir’s Accession to India in 1947, as progressive literary movement and this heralded the beginning of progressive influences in Kashmiri Literature. The learning outcome is to create deep understanding that how history is seen as ongoing cultural process characterized by constant flux and literature/ poetry is a reservoir of nuanced reflections on these fluctuations.

Kashmiri Folk Theatre:

Theatre has been an integral part of Kashmiri culture since ancient times.

With the passage of time, this genre of Kashmiri culture saw many ups and downs, but managed to survive and later on thrived. This subject is an attempt to give brief details that how theatre started and developed in Kashmir and how well it has been successful in communicating to the common people.


Prose Genres of Kashmiri Language:

Prose appeared pretty late in Kashmiri. Though the Kashmiri Language is so antique so is its literature. This subject would make students to delve deep into history and evaluation of prose writing of Kashmiri Language.

Semester 4

Poetry Genres of Kashmiri Language:

Kashmir has a very rich literary history as it has contributed a lot to the field of literature and produced eminent poets. The literature of Kashmiri Language begin with the poetry only. This would develop understanding of abiding influence of different poets on Kashmiri Literature from times immemorial.

Socio Cultural History of Kashmir:

Socio Cultural History of Kashmir is as multi-dimensional as the variegated backdrop of its physical exuberance which has nursed and inspired it all along. The people of the region have made great contribution to the world of culture in different forms. This would create critical understanding about various aspects of socio cultural history of Kashmir.

Modern Poetry:

Modern poets of Kashmiri Literature are set to have commenced with the works of Mehjoor. However, Modern Poetry infused a new spirit in Kashmiri Language. The modern period of Kashmiri Literature begin, when whole country was passing through a renaissance. This subject would make students to analyze how modern poets gave a new direction to Kashmiri poetry.


Novel in a Kashmiri Language has not developed like in other languages. Only about few novels have been written in Kashmiri in so for this core would create deeper understanding about various aspect of novel and reason of not having much readership for novel.


Translating classics from any language to any other language not just enriches the realm of language but the culture of a people speaking that particular language. This paper is an attempt to know about different translation works don from time to time in Kashmiri Language.

Romantic Poetry:

Poetry is evocative. It elicits a reaction in anyone who reads or listens to it. From spiritual poetry to romantic poetry to romantic lyricism, Kashmiri poets have explored a number of themes, all of which have only made Kashmiri Literature richer. This subject would be taught so that students would come to know about different dimensions of romantic poetry of Kashmiri Language.

Art of Writing:

The Art of Writing is the art of discovering what you believe when we write, we discover, we deepen over understanding and we remember better. This paper is an attempt to understand art of writing and how it stimulates new thoughts and generates motivation.