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Masters in Kashmiri. (M.A. Kashmiri)

Kashmir is not just a place but an emotion that every person wants to experience. With the gushing rivers, shiny waterfalls, picturesque surroundings and the lush green forests, Aroma of Pine trees, the vibrancy of Saffron, this land of beauty surprises everyone. Kashmir is a delicate reminder of the fact that Poetry not always needs pages and words. When the pages are torn and ink is faded, the living poetry can be felt through heartbeats and emotions and these emotions convert sometimes into mysticism.

As far as Language is concerned, it is no doubt a Medium but its role is like a magnetic face and instrument for the development of countries from land to cosmos. Human societies elevated and developed at various angles’ right from the beginning through better use of languages. Individual, as well as unanimous attempts have been made through languages for the betterment of human societies. Kashmiri language popularly known as ‘Koshur’ is spoken primarily in the Kashmir valley of Jammu and Kashmir. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family under Dardic where Kashmiri come from. It is the largest of the Dardic languages, and the only language in the Dardic group that boasts an early literary tradition.’

The Kashmiri language is rich and has the potential to produce qualitative as well quantitative literature. Its history and tradition are more beautiful than other languages of the world. Most of the literature is preserved in poetry, tales, riddles and other prose forms. Old aged literary evidence in written form is available from the 14th century in the form of ‘Vaakh’ and ‘Shruk’ like English language travelogues of Chaucer. This evidence makes a stronghold of its grounds for competence and qualification for comparative study. World-class literature is available in the Kashmiri language and its grammar is strong than any other language in the world.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in learning Kashmiri as a Language. Kashmiri is being taught as a second language at the Northern Regional Language Center (CIIL) Patiala since 1971. At the primary and secondary level In Valley Kashmiri Language as a subject is being taught as the sixth subject while as at the higher secondary level it is an optional one. Almost all Degree Colleges of Kashmir teach Kashmiri as a subject. The Kashmiri language is not being taught in Kashmir only but in various colleges of the Jammu division along with the Kishtwar campus of Jammu University and Aligarh Muslim University respectively.

The aim and objective of teaching the Kashmiri language for academic and professional purpose are not only to teach as a subject but to preserve and promote the cultural legacy, traditions and values of Kashmiri culture and ethos. This language has the open platform to create jobs for jobless youth. This language has a paramount feature of overall development and its implementation will create history in future time through its flexible features. However, Other organizations which include Sahitya Academy, Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, All India Radio Srinagar, Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar, Information department, Parliament House of New Delhi, Adbi Markaz Kamraz and Adbi Markaz Maraz Sangam are actively performing their impartial role with zest and zeal to develop and preserve Kashmiri Language and literature which determine the identity of Kashmir in particular and J&K in general. The Kashmiri Department, Sheikh Aalam Chair (Markaz-I-Noor), Centre of Central Asia, Directorate of Distance Education, Kashmir Studies, Dean Students Welfare of The University of Kashmir, Srinagar performing a great role in creating a fresh atmosphere of knowledge and development of Kashmiri language. Besides that, there are many options available in the private sector where students of the Kashmiri language can explore their potentialities and capacities at their best which includes print & electronic media, like, private TV channels, Private Radio channels and newspapers. In terms of employment and scope, the Kashmiri language is at par with other subjects. It is a matter of utmost satisfaction that the Kashmiri language has the potential to settle down all issues and problems and accelerate progress in future.

The establishment of the department of Kashmiri in the Central University of Kashmir was a historical decision and positive approach towards preservation of traditions, social character and antiquity which encourages whole social chattel and will create histories in future times. People across the valley welcomed and appreciated the move as mother tongue is the only option for understanding problems to assess and access unreached and untouched things and acts as an instrument that gives order and organization to human thinking.