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School of Media Studies
Department of Convergent Journalism
» AEC/SEC/OGE Course

(Ability Enhancement Course/Skill Enhancement Course/Open Generic Elective course from the School of Media Studies) 


AEC-104-MPCS: Media, Peace and Conflict Studies (MPCS)   

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA): 40 marks

Examination (ESE): 60 marks

Objective: To introduce students to conflict studies and role of media in fostering peace

Unit I:

Introduction to Media, Peace and Conflict Studies (MPCS)

Conflict: Typology and Stages

Dynamics: Issues and stakeholders

Human face of the conflict

Unit II:

Role of media in conflict

Conflict reporting

Challenges and check-list

Case studies: Experiences in reporting conflict zones

Unit III:

Introduction to conflict resolution and transformation

Peace building, Resolution models

Role of civil society and NGOs

Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC): Case Studies

Unit IV:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)

Geneva Convention (Protocol 1- Article 29)

International Humanitarian Law

Human rights in Indian constitution

Select read:

Oliver Ramsbotham, Tom Woodhouse, Hugh Miall ‘Contemporary Conflict Resolution’, Polity Press, Oxford, UK

Laxmi Murthy, ‘Handbook of Conflict Resolution’, SAFAR Publications

David P. Barash, Charles P. Webel, ‘Peace and Conflict Studies’, Third Edition, SAGE

Niall Ferguson,‘The war of the World: History’s Age of Hatred’, Penguin Books Ltd.


SEC-102-DPE: Digital Photography and Image Editing

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA): 40 marks 

Examination (ESE): 60 marks

Objective: Introduction to digital photography and improvements in image production induced by technological advancement  

Unit I

Digital photography - elements and principles

Photography as a Visual language

Unit II

Parts of Camera

Cameras; types


Unit III

Photographing people; Portraits

Still Life


Unit IV

News values for pictures


Qualities essential for photojournalism

Practical, field assignments and their evaluation

Select read:

David Pogue's Digital Photography: The Missing Manual by David Pogue (2009)

 O’Reilly Media, Inc.’ Build a Better Photograph: A Disciplined Approach to Creativity by Michael Stern (2009)

 Rocky Nook Words and Pictures: An Introduction to Photojournalism by Hicks & Wilson (1952), Harper

The Digital Photography Book (Boxed set Part 1,2,3 and 4) by Scott Kelby (2014), Peachpit Press

The Photographers Eye: Composition and Design for better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman (2007), Focal Press

The Art of Photography: Approach to Personal Expression by Bruce Barnbaum (2010), Wiley Harper


OGE-101-AMPR: Advertising Management & PR

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA): 40 marks

End Semester Examination (ESE): 60 marks

Objective: To introduce students to Advertising concepts, Public Relations 

Unit I

Advertising: Concept and definition, Historical development,

Society and advertising- Ethics and Social Responsibility,

Types of advertising- Consumer, Corporate, Industrial, Retail, National, Trade, Professional, Social

Unit II

Advertising Agencies-structure and function of different departments, Advertising and Marketing, Marketing Mix, Consumer Behavior,

Brand Image Advertising Models: AIDA, Hierarchy of Effects,

Diffusion of Innovation Model, A. H. Maslow’s Human Needs Structure

Advertising Appeals: Rational, Emotional, and Moral Appeal, Consumer behavior

Unit III

Media Planning, Creativity- Media selection, Visualization-Idea Generation Techniques,

Elements of copy- headlines, sub-head, Body Copy, Slogan, Logo, Principles of Design and Layout


Public Relations: Concept and definition, Evolution and growth of Public Relation,

PR in India, Case study of PR institutions (IPRA etc.) Tools of PR: Press release, House Journals, Exhibitions, Brochures, Audio Visual presentations, Public Relations and Advertising, Public Relations and Propaganda

Select Read:

Advertising Management by Donald W Jugenheimer, Larry D Kelley,

Fogarty Klein Monro: Routledge Public Relations by Edward L. Bernays

Advertising Management by C.L. Tyagi, Arun Kumar: Atlantic Publishers

Contemporary advertising by William F Arens,

Introduction to Advertising and Marketing by R B Evans

Advertising theory and Practice by S A Chunawalla