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School of Legal Studies
Department of Law
» Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF)

Programme-Wise LOCF for Integrated BALLB, LLM & PhD Programme

Course-Wise LOCF for Integrated BALLB

IL-C-101 English Grammar

IL-C-102 Introduction to Political Science

IL-C-103 Introduction to Sociology

IL-C-104 Microeconomics

IL-C-105 Indian Legal History

IL-C-107 Introduction to Law

IL-C-201 English Communication Skills

IL-C-202 Political Thought

IL-C-203 Sociology of Indian Society

IL-C-204 Macroeconomics

IL-C-205 Law of Torts and Motor Vehicle Act

IL-C-206 Constitutional History of India

IL-C-301 Law of Contract - I

IL-C-302 Family Law - I

IL-C-303 Law of Crimes - I

IL-C-304 Constitutional Law - I

IL-C-305 Consumer and Competition Laws

IL-C-401 Law of Contract - II

IL-C-402 Family Law - II

IL-C-403 Law of Crimes - II

IL-C-404 Constitutional Law - II

IL-C-405 Mercantile Law

IL-C-501 International Law - I

IL-C-502 Corporate Law

IL-C-503 Jurisprudence - I

IL-C-504 Intellectual Property Law

IL-C-505 Transfer of Property Act

IL-C-601 International Law - II

IL-C-602 Labour Law

IL-C-603 Jurisprudence - II

IL-C-604 Law of Social Transformation

IL-C-605 Environmental Law

IL-C-701 Human Rights

IL-C-702 Criminal Procedure Code

IL-C-703 Principles of Taxation Law

IL-C-704 Civil Procedure Code - I and The Specific Relief Act

IL-C-705 Administrative Law

IL-C-801 Criminology and Penology

IL-C-802 Civil Procedure Code - II and The Limitation Act

IL-C-803 Cyber Law

IL-C-804 International Trade Law

IL-C-805 Clinical Legal Programme

IL-C-901 J&K Constitution

IL-C-902 Law of Evidence

IL-C-903 Alternative Dispute Resolution

IL-C-904 Local Laws - I

IL-C-905 Pleading, Drafting and Professional Ethics

IL-C-1001 Public Interest Lawyering

IL-C-1002 Interpretation of Statutes

IL-C-1003 International Humanitarian Law

IL-C-1004 Local Laws - II

IL-C-1005 Project Work

Course-Wise LOCF for LLM in Criminal Justice System

LLM-C-101 Law and Social Transformation in India

LLM-C-102 Indian Constitutional Law: The New Challenges

LLM-E-101 Penal Laws and Theorization of Deviant Behaviour

LLM-E-102 Jurisprudence of Punishment

LLM-C-201 Legal Education and Research Methodology

LLM-E-201 Comparative Substantive Criminal Law

LLM-E-202 Comparative Perspectives of Criminal Procedure Law

LLM-E-203 Juvenile Justice System

LLM-C-301 Judicial Process (Role of Judiciary in Criminal Procedure)

LLM-C-302 Project Work

LLM-E-301 Police and Criminal Justice System

LLM-E-302 Evidentiary Issues Relating to Modern Technology and Forensics in Criminal Trials

LLM-Paper I Teaching Practice

LLM-Paper II Dissertation

LOCF for Courses under Choice Based Credit System for other PG Departments

SEC-106-LDA Legal Drafting and Advocacy

AEC-107-SJCL Social Justice and Civil Liberties

OGE-114-IPR Intellectual Property Rights

Course-Wise LOCF for Pre-PhD Course Work

Paper I Research Methodology Course (Introduction to Various Research Methods)

Paper II Discipline Centric Course (Emerging Trends in Private and Public Law)