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Department of Politics and Governance
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Department of Politics and Governance 



01-08-2020 to 31-07-2021

Title of Workshop/Seminar/Conference


Gandhian Ascetics

21st August 2020

The Queer Politics of Post-coloniality

24th August 2020

The Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy in a Disrupted World

25th August 2020

Gandhi, the Jews and the Question of Palestine

27th August 2020

Mandate and Order: China’s IR Theoretic Thinking

27th November 2020

Race, Caste and the Origins of Indian Diplomacy

7th December 2020

Challenging the Illusion of Theoretical ‘Internationalness’ in IR

9th December 2020

Kashmir, Neo-liberal Order and the Post-colonial Gaze

10th December 2020

Environmentalism in Kashmir

15th December 2020

Re-alignment & Changing Power Structure in South Asia

19th January 2021

India’s Neighbourhood Policy

20th January 2021

Women Confronting Patriarchy in the MENA Region

28th January 2021

Environment and Development

2nd February 2021

Populism and Foreign Policy

3rd February 2021

The Politics of caste in Kashmir

18th February 2021

Research Tools and Methodology

23rd March 2021

1971: Between State histories and People’s memories

25th May 2021

Models of Conflict Resolution in South Asia

31st May 2021

Kashmir and Palestine: Itineries of (anti)Colonial Solidarity

2nd June 2021

Identity Politics and Conflict: Case Studies from South Asia

3rd June 2021

01-08-2019 to 31-07-2020

One Day Basic Training Programme on Human Rights

22nd February 2020

Regionalism in South Asia

12th March 2020

Non-Western IR theory: Perspectives from Islam

29th May 2020

Populism after Pandemic

1st June 2020

South Asian Regionalism

4th June 2020

Non-Western IR theory: Perspectives from Buddhism

8th June 2020

Dr B R Ambedkar and identity

22nd June 2020

Law, Civil liberty and Human Rights

24th June 2020

Outsourcing War: Changing India-Pakistan equations

27th June 2020

Conceptualizing Disability

29th June 2020

Politics of Property

2nd July 2020

The Impossibility of Progress: Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad and the Politics of state-building in J&K


4th July 2020

Complexities of China-India-Nepal Relations

6th July 2020

Political Philosophy of Antonio Gramsci

11th July 2020

Post-Pandemic Futures in Kashmir

14th July 2020

Politics & Romance in Arthur Schopenhauer’s Idealism

21st July 2020

Improving Accountability of Primary Health Care in LMICS

27th July 2020

01-08-2018 to 31-07-2019

Book Discussion 

4th September 2018

Introduction to Research Methodology

12th September 2018

Drafting Research Proposal

25th September 2018

Discourses on Governance in Kashmir

30th March 2019

The Why and How of Writing

2nd April 2019

Politics, Virtue and Conflict

23rd April 2019

Indo-Pak relations & Prospects for peace in South Asia

8th May 2019

Hegel: Philosophy of History & Philosophy of Right

10th May 2019

Social Justice: A Mirage or Reality in Plural Societies

13th-14th June 2019

Education and Conflict zones

18th June 2019

01-08-2017 to 31-07-2018

Administrative Procedures and Setbacks

22nd September 2017

National Youth Parliament Competition

28th Sep. 2017

On the Politics of Governance

30th September 2017

Functioning of Parliament as a Political Institution

3rd October 2017

Whither the Global Village: Is Globalisation in Retreat

13th-14th October 2017

Livelihood Issues in J&K

31st October 2017

Governance and RTI

20th November 2017

RTI and Transparency and Revolution in India

30th November 2017

Capacity Building for Peace Practitioners

20th March 2018

Minority Rights in South Asia

27th March 2018

Naya Kashmir and Human Development

24th April 2018

Ethnographic Research

27th April 2018

Archival Research: A case of Textile Industry in Kashmir

4th May 2018

Narrative Research and its Procedures and Patterns

30th May 2018

Mix Methods with reference to Data Collection on Election Analysis

1st June 2018

Communication and Human Rights

13th June 2018

Kashmir: History, Politics, Representation

9th July 2018

01-08-2016 to 31-07-2017

International Human Rights Day

10th December 2016.  


The Rise and Fall of New Kashmir

3rd April 2017

The existing conflicts across the world and the adverse effects of such situations on the people living at these places

2nd May 2017


Capacity Building for Conflict Transformation

8th to 9th May 2017