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School of Life Sciences
Centre for Advanced Research & Training in Sciences
» Thrust Areas of Research


Thrust Areas of Research

 1.  Molecular Biology

a) Cancer Biology

b) Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine

c) Molecular Medicine

d) Neurodegenerative and Psychiatric disorders.

2. Infectious Diseases

a) Tuberculosis

 b) HIV

  c) H. Pylori

3. Metabolic & Nutrition disorders

a) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

b) Diabetes

c) Obesity

d) Cardiovascular diseases

 e) Disorders of Nutritional importance


a) Harvesting novel molecules for advanced drug discovery in chosen areas.

b) Synthesis and modification of new compounds for treatment of diseases.

c) Nanotechnology

5. Zoology, Botany & Biotechnology

a) Plant pathogen interaction in agriculture and horticulture for improving yield and disease resistance.

b) Conservation of Rich biodiversity of the UT of Jammu & Kashmir for medical and aromatic importance.

c) Revival of the endangered wild species and endangered fishes.

6. Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology

a) Bioengineering and instrumentation.

b) Development of statistical tools.

c) Mathematical modeling for understanding life processes.

d) Bioinformatics.

e) Biophysics.