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School of Life Sciences
J & K Research Consortium

The broader areas of the discussion by the Research Consortium shall include:


1. Funding for Research

 Ø  State level funding

o   Public

o   Private

o   Public-Private Partnership

Ø  National level funding

o   Funding Agencies (ICMR, DBT, DST, UGC)

o    Industry

o    NGOs/Academia

Ø  International level funding

o   Funding Agencies

o   World Bank/WHO/UNITAID/UN


2. Infrastructure for Research

Ø  Research Institutes

Ø  Research Centres

Ø  Equipments

Ø  Databases (Literature Review, Meta-analysis, Systematic Reviews)

Ø  Article libraries (Scopus/Science direct/Pubmed)

3. Manpower for Research

Ø  Staff/Positions

Ø  Training and Orientation

Ø  Specialization

Ø  Curriculum

o   School

o   College

o   University

4. Policies for Research

Ø  Institutional Level

Ø  State Level

Ø  National Level

o    Research Universities (NEP 2019)

o   Research in Autonomous Colleges

5. Incentives for Research

Ø  Appointments and Promotions

Ø  Quality   over  Quantity (API  and  Research Score, Impact Factor/Journal metrics)

Ø  Financial Incentives

Ø  Recognition

Ø  Fellowships

6. Collaborative Research

Ø  Cross-disciplinary

Ø  Trans-disciplinary

Ø  Inter-disciplinary

Ø  Multi-disciplinary

Ø  Consortium for Research

7. Contextual, Need-based Research

Ø  Research Workshops

Ø  Research Communications

Ø  Research Fairs

Ø  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cells

8. Translational Research

Ø  Evidence

Ø  Policy

Ø  Practice

9. Integrity in Research

Ø  Plagiarism

Ø  Duplication

Ø  Gift/Ghost Authorship

Ø  Salami Publications

Ø  Outsourced Publishing

10. Ethics in Research

Ø  Confidentiality

Ø  Privacy

Ø  Non-Malfeasance

Ø  Beneficence

Ø  Autonomy and Justice