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Administrative Setup
Centre for Capacity Development of Administrative Staff
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1. Introduction:
In the present era of globalization driven by cutting-edge technology and innovation, need for employees with extraordinary skills and who can add value to the organisation has become imperative. Human beings are naturally gifted with the potential to learn and spread to others what is learnt. Organisations aspiring to touch the zenith of excellence must leverage this inherent potential and achieve what they desire to. Learned workforce is therefore an asset to an organisation. An investigation of the most successful corporations and government agencies throughout the globe reveals that a quality workforce has made the difference between the success and the failure. 
Among almost all organisations irrespective of their nature and size there is a wide recognition that the skills of their staff need to be continually strengthened and enhanced. In the face of challenges from national and international competitors the effective organisations have been investing more resources in the continual training and re-training of employees at all levels. They focus not only on the competence of their staff, but also give time to stressing the need for commitment to the organisation’s goals and to promoting a capacity to change. Should not the same be true of our institutions of higher education? They are crucial to national aspirations for economic development and, if such capacity building aims are to be achieved, the institutions will have to make the most effective use of all their human resources. Inevitably training occupies a top spot in the HR agenda for almost all successful organisations transcending sectors, higher educational institutions like Universities cannot afford to be an exception.  
Universities in India have not so far been concerned about the induction, training and capacity development of the administrative staff. Once recruited into the job, they are expected to learn while working, which drastically reduces the optimum utilisation of their talent and potential. UGC has established Human Resources Development Centres (HRDCs) all across India, however these centres are exclusively dealing with the capacity development of the academic staff. The training centres like Institute of Secretariat Training &Management (ISTM), Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Administrative Training Centres (ATCs), Institute of Management of Public Admin (IMPA) etc established by the Central/State Govt. do offer training programmes but these programmes are tailored for the secretarial staff working in Central/State Govt. departments. Considering that the functions and assignments of the administrative staff of the educational institutions are different than their counterparts in the Govt. departments, these training institutions do not cover all functional requirements of the University staff. In such a scenario, establishment of an independent and dedicated Centre for induction, training and capacity development of the administrative staff in Central University of Kashmir shall be first of its kind in Indian University system. This Centre shall not only serve the CUK staff but can also extend its services to the educational institutions of the entire region. 
2. Objectives:
The objectives of the proposed Centre for Capacity Development of Administrative Staff (CCDAS) shall be as under:
i. To conduct Induction Programmes for the newly recruited administrative staff of the University
ii. To conduct refresher and theme specific training for the existing staff
iii. To develop job-description/functional roles of various administrative officers/officials of the University.        
iv. To conduct the Training Need Assessment (TNA) programmes of the administrative staff in the University at regular intervals through DoPT’sRecognized National Trainers/ Certified Consultants/qualified professionals.
v. To frame a comprehensive policy and training schedule for the administrative staff of the University on the basis of the TNA. 
vi. To organise and conduct in-house training/capacity development programmes at the University for each group of administrative staff having similar functional roles.
vii. To recommend training/capacity development roster for deputation of the administrative staff to various State/Central Govt training institutes. 
viii. To prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for various administrative functions under different sections of the University. 
ix. To conduct orientation programme of newly recruited faculty for making them aware about roles of various administrative sections and the standard procedures being followed by these Sections.
x. To conduct programmes of specific nature including leadership & management development programmes for the Heads of the Departments & other academic Officers for helping them to discharge administrative functions.    
xi. To enter into MoU with various national/international institutions dealing with the capacity development of the human resources. 
xii. To administer and conduct training/capacity development programmes for the staff of other educational institutions on request basis.  
xiii. To explore the possibility of seeking external funding for running the programmes of the Centre. 
xiv. To conduct research on various themes related to the higher education administration.
xv. To develop professionals with a combination of managerial and leadership capabilities to attain the objectives of the organisation.