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Tour Diaries of Department of Tourism Studies students
One-Day Tour to Khyber Resorts at Gulmarg
The Department of Tourism, Central University of Kashmir, organized a one-day visit to Khyber Resorts at Gulmarg on November 9, 2013 for MTM 1st Semester Students. This initiative was taken by the department so that the students could get industrial exposure.


As in Masters in Tourism and Hotel Management curriculum, hospitality plays a paramount role. In this consideration Prof. Syed Fayyaz Ahmad, head Department of Tourism Studies entrusted the job of arranging the visit to Hotel Khyber at Gulmarg, to one of the faculty member, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Najar, Assistant professor.

Other faculty members, who also accompanied the group to the Hotel Khyber, were Dr. Ramjit Singh and Mr. Ashaq Hussain Najar.

During the trip, the students interacted with the hotel staff especially with front office Manager, Mr. Wasim, Housekeeping manager, Mr. Vikas, F&B Manager, Mr. Rajiv and HR Executive Mr. Juniad.

All the Managers welcomed the students and the Faculty members and arranged complimentary refreshment for them. This act of academia and industry colloquium has made a platform for the new entrants in the industry and this exposure proved a tool of motivation for the students to take up the hospitality and tourism as their career.

The hotel staff took the students to different departments. The students were given the opportunity to clear the doubts regarding the functioning of the entire hotel industry.

In addition to this, hotels of the Khyber Group are at par with other five stars hotels of the country in terms of services and facilities. On this occasion, HR Manager and HR executive gave nod for placing some of the students for two months Industrial training commencing from January to February, 2014 in their hotels.

The team of Department of Tourism Studies Central expressed gratitude to the Hotel Khyber team especially to Mr. Ahtisham Imtiyaz, HR Manager Khyber Hotel for making this one day-visit a success.
One-Day Tour to Dachigam National Park
The Department of Tourism Studies, Central University of Kashmir, organized a one-day visit to Dachigam National Park at Harwan on November 16, 2013 for MTM 3rd Semester Students. The initiative was taken by the department for giving field and practical exposure to the students.


Going to the Dachigam means organizing passes and special permissions, which one of the students’ of MTM 3rd Semester, Qurat managed. So we set off to see wide variety of flora and fauna of the Park.

In the course curriculum of Tourism Management, there are units which are based on national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, biosphere reserves, which come together in wildlife and eco-tourism. As mentioned in their course curriculum, they (the students) have various case studies of National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries, which are located outside the state.

In this consideration, Prof. Syed Fayyaz Ahmad, Head, Department of Tourism Studies assigned the job of arranging one-day visit to Dachigam National Park to one of the faculty member, Ms. Shahnaz Akhtar, Assistant Professor. Two more faculty members, Dr. Ramjit and Mr. Ashaq Hussain Najar also accompanied the students.

During the visit, MTM 3rd Semester students had healthy interaction with the forest staff. The dense forest of Dachigam offered brilliant view along with a glacier fed rivulet flowing right through the middle. Dachigam Park is home to some of the unique Himalayan range of flora of which some have medicinal properties. A head forest guide told us that there is an herb which can be used in making anti-cancer drug. A forest guide expert also delivered lecture to the students and shared his experiences.

The forest staff arranged complimentary refreshment for the students and faculty. After refreshment, the students visited rainbow trout centre. At the centre, trout are bred scientifically and the produce is sold outside at reasonable prices. The students also saw two leopards and five black bears.

The faculty and students of MTM 3rd semester have expressed gratitude to the wildlife staff.


Dachigam Park covers an area of 141 square Kilometres. The name of the park literally stands for “ten villages”. Dachigam is home to endangered Hangul species of the red deer in the Country. It also hosts other wildlife of the state viz Black/Brown Bear, Musk Deer, Langurs, Leopards and migratory birds. There is also a Trout Fish Farm inside the Park which is also called as fish breeding farm.

Topography: The Park is located among the high mountains of the mighty western Himalayas. The variation in altitude is vast, ranging from 5500ft to 1400 ft above the sea level. Due to this vast variation, the park is very clearly demarcated into upper region and lower region each having with different elevations.

Flora and Fauna: Dachigam National Park is very rich in flora and fauna. Some of the flora found in the park is Pinus griffithii, Morus Alba, Corylus colurna, berberies spp, Desmodium tiliaefolium, etc. The fauna present there are hangul, black bear, leopard, grey langur, lavetine viper, etc and also wide variety of avifauna of which there are number of migratory birds.

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