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Those championing HR cause are major perpetuators of its abuses: Justice (Retd) B A Kirmani
CUK observes International Human Rights Day
Srinagar, Dec 10: The State Accountability Commission (SAC) member Justice (Retd). Mr. Bashir Ahmad Kirmani today alleged that the countries championing the cause of human rights were actually responsible for perpetuating worst human rights abuses.

“United States, United Kingdom and other western countries which claim to protect and safeguard the rights of humans are responsible for death, destruction and devastation, particularly, in the Middle East countries like Iraq, Syria, Palestine and other nations,” Mr Bashir Ahmad Kirmani said while addressing the students and faculty during a function “A Discourse of Human Rights” organised by the Department of Law, Central University of Kashmir (CUK) to observe the International Day on Human Rights. He alleged that these countries are committing rights abuses and are doing everything bad in the name of defending the human rights.

Head Department of Tourism Studies, Prof. S Fayyaz, Registrar, Prof. M Afzal Zargar, Head Department of Law, Dr. Sheikh Showkat, Heads and Coordinators of other departments and students were also present on the occasion.

SAC member said the western countries, particularly, the United States, in the name of ‘securing its own people’ has waged wars on the turf of other countries. “The United Nations is now subservient to the dictates from these countries and it has failed to implement its Universal declaration of Human Rights in letter and spirit,” Mr Bashir Ahmad Kirmani said, adding that the yardstick fixed by the world body “keeps on changing from time to time in order give free hand to those violating the human rights.”

He discussed ongoing conflicts in various regions and excesses committed by the State and non-state actors, trampling the rights of masses.

Mr. Kirmani opined that the Universal declaration of Human Rights was conceptualized by humans and therefore it is far off from perfection, adding the Declaration hasn’t been made in entirety, keeping in view all the components present in humans viz physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

He underscored the need of sensitizing the people about human rights in the educational institutions, religious places and respective homes.

Registrar, Prof. M Afzal Zargar deliberated up on the importance of the day. He said the Human Rights Day is marked annually on 10th of December to commemorate the day when in 1948 the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). “It was a milestone document in the history of human rights as it sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected,” he added. He also mentioned about this UDHR document creating record of sorts by being the second most translated document in the world.

He said the theme for Human Rights Day 2015 is "Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always." He said that there are political, social and economic contours of human rights and the State of J&K has a particular relevance to the subject in view of its conflict situation. Elaborating on poverty and food deprivation as being the most gross human rights violation amid biased expression and reaction by the western countries particularly in conflict areas, Prof Zargar quoted the recent violations in France and consequently Syria about HR abuses and free unbiased reporting of the same.

Head Department of Law, Dr. Sheikh Showkat, in his address gave a detailed account as to how the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the Second World War. He said the world was infested with rampant rights violations. “The States are indulging in rampant rights abuses, despite the fact that under the Declaration, it has to protect the rights of people, even of those who have divergent views about the State policy,” he said. Dr. Showkat said the Judges in the Judiciary are using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a reference point to settle the cases regarding Human Rights violations.

Prof. S Fayyaz in his concluding remarks exhorted upon the students to work for safeguarding the human rights of the people. He also deliberated on the rights violations committed by States wherein conflicts are going on at present.   


Assistant Prof Mr Hilal Ahmad conducted the programme proceedings while as Assistant Prof. Ms Gulafroz Jan presented the vote of thanks. 

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