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Divine law has to be interpreted in contemporary situations of space, time: Justice Kirmani
CUK celebrates Iqbal Day
Srinagar, Apr 19: The School of Legal Studies, Central University of Kashmir (CUK) celebrated Iqbal Day at its Zainakote academic campus. On this occasion Justice (Rtd) B. A. Kirmani was the chief guest; who delivered a lecture to the students on the Juristic thought of Allama Iqbal.

Justice Kirmani emphasized on Ijtihaad which he said was Allama Iqbal’s essence in his celebrated book “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam”. He further elaborated that according to Islamic thought the domain of law making exclusively belongs to God and human endeavor is supposed to resolve their day to day problems in light of divine law as exemplified by the Holy Prophet (SAW) through his Sunnah.


He stressed that the very Kalimah of Islam starts with “la” which implies negation of every other authority other than Allah. He mentioned that divine law has to be interpreted in contemporary situations of space and time by those who are well versed with its essence and its basic paradigms.

In order to evade, misinterpretations Iqbal wanted that Ijtihaad should not remain an individual affair in the present day world but should be exercised by a collective group of scholars. In today’s world, Muslims are faced with a host of problems, collectively as well as individually. To resolve these problems, there is a need of Ijtihaad and that is what Iqbal pleaded in his juristic thought, said Justice Kirmani.

He added that the issues of human cloning, banking, donation of organs by a person who is brain dead, euthanasia which can only be tackled through Ijtihaad by those who have a caliber and capacity to do it.

The function was presided over by Professor Mehraj ud Din Mir, I/c Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Kashmir, who in his welcome address elaborated on the achievements of the University despite having problems in terms of infrastructure and limited faculty.

Dr. Sheikh Showkat Hussain, head  School of Legal Studies, CUK presented a vote of thanks  and mentioned that Justice BA Kirmani has been part and pioneer of endeavors aimed at initiating and promoting legal education in Kashmir.

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